Difference Between Virtue And Relative Virtue

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Before demonstrating the differences between the ethical and the contemplative virtue, virtue should be defined. According to Aristotle virtue occurs when a person is doing a good action at the right place and time and is feeling the right amount of pleasure for doing this action (1095b30-32). He believes that virtue is equal to happiness. However, he mentions that only a virtuous person who acts virtuously can achieve happiness (1097b1-6). Human beings have to try and achieve happiness by developing a life that could reach the level of absolute happiness (1095a22-23). What really matters in life is not the final destination, but the actual trip people take in order to reach that final destination. A trip can teach you many things and put you under circumstances that you never before, making you a stronger…show more content…
It is part of the middle well-being of a person under its subjective criteria and it is guided by the rational capacity of a human and more specifically of that of a rational person (1144b27-29). Virtue has the capacity to develop periodically and it becomes a habit of the disposition. However, virtue plays an important role in society because the people learn through social connections and experimentations how to act and how their acting reflects to their social surrounding. Our social surrounding judges on how ethical our acts are and develop the capacity to judge the rest of the peoples acts accordingly. Ethical virtue Ethical virtue is one of the types of virtue that Aristotle describes in his Book. An example, of an ethical virtue would be justice. The type of virtues that are mentioned to be ethical, could describe the characteristics that someone develops during his/her life. A person can gain ethic virtue by constantly repeating the action. The more the repetition, the quicker it becomes a habit (1103a19-23). It is produced more and more every time the action is being repeated. When Aristotle is talking about ethical virtue he most of
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