Difference Between Traditional Marriage And Interracial Marriage

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Interracial Marriage vs.Traditional Marriage
How do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Heidi Klum and Seal, and Eva Mendea and Ryna Gosling all relate? They all have interracial marriages. Today millions of families across the world are united in race and ethnic groups; however, problems still seem consistent within interracial marriages. Some examples of problems interracial couples face include how people don 't approve of interracial marriages and how critics assume traditional marriage is the only kind of “holy” marriage. People go to extremes and criticizes interracial marriage, way more than the traditional marriage. People should open their minds to interracial marriage because there is a lot one should know about it, like its culture.
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Traditional marriage happens when one person marries another person within the same race and culture. Interracial marriage happens when one person marries another person with a different race or culture. From knowledge passed down from generation to generation, traditional marriage exists as the only true, holy marriage. Traditional marriages are approved by many people because of social norms society has followed for centuries. Everyone expects individuals to marry the same race, but when an individual marries outside of acceptable race or culture everything seems to blow up. It’s not civil to judge a person by whom they love and decided to…show more content…
Some individuals might have different views and beliefs of religion and discipline. Many people might look at an interracial marriage and say it 's not easy to combine ones religion with another or even their different beliefs.” Studies have indicated that, in general, Caucasians tend to disapprove of interracial marriages, and blacks tend to approve” (“Interracial Marriage”). This may become a problem in the long run. “The myths that surround interracial couples can also be stumbling blocks to a healthy marriage” (“Interracial Marriage - Difficulties”). With all of the negative impact from surrounding people, make it difficult to have a nice healthy relationship. When one is in an interracial marriage they do not think about all of the negative thoughts, all that matters is if those two people are in love. Love does not discriminate against race, ethnicity or gender; love is a special commitment between two people. Because its not about if they are a different culture or race its whether or not you love the

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