Difference Between Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Mixture

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The problem of the lab was to find the component in the mixture that had the highest composition by figuring out each of their masses (PS Dept., 2017). A mixture is an item that contains two or more pure substances, which are elements and compounds (Decoste, 2008). Elements and compounds are considered pure substances because they have a set composition, meaning the proportions are the same throughout the entire substance (Kavanah, 2016). Compounds can only be separated through chemical means. This is because the elements within a compound are chemically fused together (Decoste, 2008). There are two different types of mixtures: homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous mixtures consist of at least two pure substances that uniformly blend so that each component is easily distributed throughout the mixture (Decoste, 2008). An example of a homogeneous mixture in this experiment is the salt and the water; the salt dissolved into the water, which resulted in them mixing uniformly together. Heterogeneous mixtures consist of at least two pure substances that are not uniformly blended together; different regions of the mixture…show more content…
Filtration is used to separate a solid from a liquid. The heterogeneous mixture would be poured through a funnel that would have filter paper folded in it as seen in Figure 1, and that would then be attached to a container to catch the liquid. The solid would get caught by the filter paper, but the liquid would not, resulting in them separating (Decoste, 2008). Decantation is used when a solid and a liquid are together, and the liquid can easily be poured off. Magnetic separation is used to separate a metallic substance from a non metallic substance. In this experiment, iron was separated from sand and salt by using a magnet to pull it out. This technique only works if there is one metallic substance in the mixture (PS Dept.,

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