Difference Between Hegel And Hegel

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Marx, as previously mentioned, seem similar in many ways to Hegel. However Marx addressed rights in a more helpful manner for us, than Hegel did. Whereas Hegel said it presented the self as `atomistic`, Marx worked with it directly and fitted it neatly within his thought. Rights, (and by rights he was addressing A) according to Marx is constructed by the owners of the means of production for their benefit. This makes it rather simple to conclude if A is indeed equal to B according to Marx, as long as one can simply justify this statement by Marx. “Good” to Marx have clear resonance from Hegel, and in order to explain what good is I will briefly complete, as Marx did, the framework which we started with Hegel. Marx used the parts of Hegel’s work in which he meant Hegel was true to himself.…show more content…
What Marx claimed as Hegel`s inner core was his work on the spirit, while his compromises where, among others, his views on the supremacy of the Prussian state, religion as well as labour and as a result, on these aspects, Marx depart from Hegel. However what was an essential concept Marx took on from Hegel was `the Spirit` (since Marx where more strictly materialistic I will refer to his version of the spirit as mind to underline the distinction from Hegel`s spirit) and with the mind came also the fundamental aspects of recognition and alienation. Here is also where my personal critique of Marx`s work can be found, in his use of the mind. Even with his focus on excluding metaphysical aspects and being strictly materialistic, the mind functions in a peculiar way with

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