Difference Between Bix And The Great Satchmo

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When looking back at the history of jazz, there are two figures who greatly affected the development of the genre and shaped it into more of what we know today. These two are Bix and the Great “Satchmo”. They both have many aspects about them to compare and contrast, including popularity, style background and even race. Louis Armstrong rose to astronomical stardom and is one of the most polarizing figures in the history of jazz music. Inspiring and entertaining millions of people across the world, Louis touched so many people and became one of the biggest celebrities in the entire planet. Almost in direct contrast, Bix Beiderbecke had a very promising and influential career but was only appreciated by few during his time. Bix and his unique…show more content…
He was a humble man, even though being one of the greatest celebrities of the twentieth Century (Louis). He was an Entertainer, not just an artist and wanted to touch as many people he could with his music while wanting everyone to have a good time. His shows weren 't just a musician playing music for money, it was a man trying to make people smile as well as to entertain as many people as he could, and he ended up entertaining millions of people. (Bio) The philosophy and method of Beiderbeckes approach to music was much different than Louis’s and the stylistic and philosophical differences show in their music and how they performed it. Bix was inspired by those before him and pulled from all different influences and became one of the best white jazz musicians in the last hundred years (Cohassey). He had an ear for the music and grew up playing his instruments over other musicians songs and you can hear that when he plays in an Orchestral arrangement. His particular musical background, skills and how he approached the music he played is what makes him the legendary artist he is today, even though he wasn 't well known at the time of his

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