Diesel Is the Better Choice for a Greener Earth and Poor man’s Wallet than Petrol

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Diesel Is the Better Choice for a Greener Earth and Poor man’s Wallet than Petrol On the planet Earth, there are over 5,000,000 cars running on the streets everyday, taking people from destination to destination. Of these cars, there are ones that run on petroleum, diesel, ethanol, electricity, and steam. In North America, there is a majority of petroleum or gasoline fueled cars, while Europe has a mixture of both petroleum cars and diesel cars; petroleum and diesel cars each have their advantages and disadvantages. At the moment, there are more petroleum cars than diesel cars in North America. With the technology today, the “inherently dirty” (Lloyd) diesel powered automobiles are now much more efficient, fuel economic, and clean. While diesel cars still have many faults and are not the best environmentally considerate option to fuel a car, it is the most efficient and realistic so far. After carefully examining both petrol and diesel cars, it is most realistically and efficient for North Americans to start using more diesel engine cars instead of petrol engine cars to suit their daily live styles and budget. On the whole, the purpose of the petrol and diesel engine are the same, to combust fuel and achieve kinetic energy, which we use to majorly move our vehicles. A petrol engine is an internal combustion engine and differs from the diesel engine both how they exercise the fuel and the air. Also the petrol engine utilizes the spark plugs which the diesel engines don’t have. Petrol engines premixes the air and fuel before compression in the engine, whereas the diesel engine just compresses the air directly and then injects the fuel at the end of the ... ... middle of paper ... ...rformance of petrol engines may be better for a sport car, but in the end the efficiency and versatility of the diesel engine is more practical for the general crowd. With this in mind, it is safe to say that diesel cars should indeed to be produced more in North America and begin to head towards Europe’s direction, until we discover an alternative fuel of energy that is both reasonably priced, provides sufficient energy, and not environmentally damaging. It is important to realize the importance of the future but also realize what is realistic. even though electric engines and other advanced technology that are available may be more efficient and environmental conscious, they are not achievable in large quantities yet. Therefore we should take the best route available and that is to use diesel over petrol fuel to keep Earth flourishing and green.

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