Developing an e-Business Strategy

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At the core of the development of an e-business strategy for any particular organization lays several issues that need to be spotted on by any person who intends to successfully develop either a B2C e-business model or a B2B e-business model. Due to the rapid development of technology and globalization in the 21st century, e-business has suddenly become an important means of conducting business transactions given the big difference in both businesses and consumers’ way of living prior and during the advent of technology. According to (Wickramasinghe, 2007) since the various e-business models were tested to deliver outstanding and beneficial results in any organization, big or small, many organizations has strived to develop value-driven and sustainable e-business models. (Tsai et al., 2005) state that e-business models that have developed over the past decade have benefited many business organizations by improving their operational efficiencies, reducing their costs, as well as connecting them to a great number of suppliers and customers from the different parts of the world. (Rappa, 2010) also points out that what’s interesting is that most e-business models are free from complications and are very simple to use. Since e-business model determines how much a company or organization will be able to generate profit, it helps a lot when a specific company’s business model is clear and simple. Nevertheless, technology has a very clever way of increasing the profit generated by a specific e-business model that an organization utilizes and at the same time make these business models evolve depending on the demands of time and the people. (Shafer et al., 2005) also argues that no matter how powerful and well-crafted a specific mode... ... middle of paper ... ...del can make the difference. Management Services, 50, 24-28. RAPPA, M. (2010) Business models on the web. “Managing the Digital Enterprise”. Retrieved 07 June 2010 from: <>. SHAFER, S., SMITH, H. & LINDER, J. (2005) The power of business models. Business horizons, 48, 199-207. TSAI, W., CHIEN, S., FAN, Y. & CHENG, J. (2005) Critical management issues in implementing ERP: empirical evidences from Taiwanese firms. International Journal of Services and Standards, 1, 299-318. WARHOLIC, J. A. (2010) Importance Of Ethics On The Internet, Retrieved 07 June 2010 from: << >>. WICKRAMASINGHE, N. (2007) Critical success factors creating value-driven e-business models in the Asia Pacific region. International Journal of Services and Standards, 3, 239-248.

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