Developing a Love For Reading

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The beginning of my interest in reading goes way back, although I don’t have any defining “aha!” moment, where I all of a sudden enjoyed reading books. There were always books around when I was growing up, if I was at my grandparents house it was the books they kept from their youth; classics like Treasure Island or any Hemingway book, the hard covers permanently infused with dust; plenty of History books, particularly World War II history; and the children’s books I always received as presents when I visited. My mom also read a lot, but more modern books, like supernatural or light horror books, nothing too difficult (or scary). I spent a lot of time reading magazines, mostly Video Game (note: spent more time creating stories off the video game articles and stories than actually playing the games; remember also creating stories from multiple video games) and newspapers, particularly the baseball scores I always was into creative things as a kid (note: the baseball simulation tournaments). There were notebooks full of drawings and stories I created, inspired by the stories I picked up in whatever it was I could read. fake movie descriptions, satires (or what would pass for them when you’re under ten) of popular things at the time, I even tried to write a fake radio show with my friends using a tape recorded and index cards in place of cue cards. Basically anything I could use as a launch pad for creativity or inspiration I would take in, be it movies, books, any art form. As I got older, I picked up playing guitar and learning composition and music theory, which lends itself well to reading and writing, as there is a lot to learn and express. Without reading, I would never have been able to learn guitar the way I did, as there... ... middle of paper ... ... could be represented and interpreted based on prior experience was similar to how one would approach any written work. After working in business for quite a few years, I finally had the freedom to read whatever I wanted in my spare time, but as I ventured into more and more difficult works, I found that the ideas I wanted to express weren’t easily contained in just essay form. I found that I wanted to share this with others, and learn how to improve my own writing, but bring these different ideas to others. I originally had come back to school to do more of a research oriented study, a science or math based major. After retaking the English Composition 122 class at CLC, where we covered science fiction along with classics, and other forms such as memoirs, I began to realize that my passion for reading and writing could be beneficial to others as well as myself.
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