Developing My Career Within NHS

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Having really enjoyed the first year of the BSc Health and Social Care course, this gave me the opportunity to work in the Royal Gwent Hospital where I have found an environment I really enjoy working in and I am committed to developing my career within the NHS. I came to realise that embarking on this course would best suit my compassion and innate desire to help and care for people. Since as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the natural world and working within the laboratory has fuelled my ambition to pursue this career. I have a very busy post which a methodical attitude is necessary to deal with the varied duties involved. As part of my post I provide preparatory support to the department by preparing clinical specimens for biological testing. I perform routine technical and clerical tasks which do not require the skill and training of a State Registered BMS. Working within the pathology laboratory has given me a useful insight into the world of biomedical science and research. As part of my personal and professtional development i have to attend regular...
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