Designer Baby Technology: The Future Of Designer Babies

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The future of genetic engineering is full of many possibilities and improvements for our society. Currently, designer baby technology is only used to make sure the parents of a future child will not have a child with an incurable disease. Humans live in an ever more computerized world. Technology is growing more and more for everyday that goes by. Together with it, even science. To catch up with the changing world, human must also evolve with it. Human beings need to be smarter, better and prettier to adjust to the new world. This essay will portray the different sides of what society thinks about genetic engineering and take into consideration the different opinions that society has about ‘designer babies´, but also the ethical dilemmas that this technology brings with it.

However, before we embark with the different opinions of society, we begin with explaining the method that is used to get the result. What does the informal term ’’Designer babies’’ exactly mean and why does it sound so bizarre? The phrase refers to a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic
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Reproductive freedoms shouldn’t apply just to contraception and abortions right. ‘’Designed Babies’’’ is a term that Hughes doesn’t like, he says that it ‘’impugns the motivation of parents, who are generally trying to ensure the best possible lives for their children.’’ How different really is wanting to pass on the best genes than spending exorbitant amounts on violin lessons and private education, asks Hughes. “If parents provide food, exercise, and education for children to ensure that they are smart and healthy we praise them as responsible. When they try to ensure the same goods for their children with reproductive technology we imply that they have twisted, malign, instrumental
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