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The design of a building, garment or object can impact greatly on the lives of millions, and change the way society functions and programs. In stating this, social change can also result in new designs and strategies to keep up with social needs and requirements. Design can either be an outcome of a change in society, or the cause of societal change. Designer George Nelson claims that ‘Design is a response to social change’; this essay will discuss both the impact that design has on social change and the influence social change has on design. Through analyzing different design and historical examples such as modern High-Rise buildings, new design developments, as well as graphic design due to the industrial revolution, it will be clear as to whether design is driven by societal change or vise versa. Along with stating this, there will also be thorough information on the evolution of toilets and progression of telephones over the years.
Skyscrapers are known to be high-rise buildings that effectively changed the corporate work environment and has altered the way society works and functions. However, it was because of the increasing amount of people in each city and the changing needs of society that caused this design development and progression. The industrial revolution provided pathways to create tall towers, known as skyscrapers, and put large numbers of people in them (Mitchell 1997) and efficiently save space. 19th Century architects found that they could improve ratios of open floor space to solid construction; this could be achieved by using reinforced concrete framing and thin curtain walls. Along with this, they could apply elevators so people can go up high levels in tall buildings without having to climb the stairs (Mi...

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...signer George Nelson claims that ‘design is a response to social change’, which, in fact, can be argued for due to the newer and progressed developments that have been implemented in society; such as the iPhone and the Toilet. However, there have also been developments such as high-rise buildings and graphic designs that have caused there to be social change due to the industrial revolution, which opened doors for these designs. In conclusion, design has its form and its function; it works as a cycle so there is not really an answer as to whether it is a cause of social change or not. George states this because society, especially in the modern movement is largely influenced by new innovative designs and technologies, and in order to keep up and satisfy those individuals in the community, one must come up with a design to stay updated with the social change.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the design of a building, garment or object can impact greatly on the lives of millions, and change the way society functions and programs.
  • Explains that skyscrapers were a form of modern architecture that changed the way cities looked and functioned.
  • Analyzes how the invention of toilets has impacted society confidently. the design of the toilet seat has progressed over time and decreased diseases.
  • Explains that graphic design is a vast response to the visual communication needs of the industrial revolution. it has an impact on what people decide to do, what products they buy, and what stores they walk into.
  • Explains that design can respond to social change and social development because technological advancements have implemented a high standard in the eyes of individuals.
  • Analyzes how the iphone has changed the way people interact in the world. it has impacted people's lives both positively and negatively.
  • Explains that new implementations of design can drive society to change, but with society changing and developing comes a higher standard of designer. the designer george nelson claims that design is an answer to social change.
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