Descriptive Essay On My First Car

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I was 20 years old, finally had got a car that I could call it my own. It was June of 2013. On a sunny and beautiful day when I had saw this nice Honda civic it was like I could hear it talking to me and saying buy me buy me. Looking at the car I started spinning around like I was riding a marry go around. Trying it out for the first time I was like a kid going to a candy store driving around with the window down and the wind blowing my hair like a blow dryer. Smiling so hard like I was bright as the sun outside. Learning about all the features that was in the car was so much fun and listening to the music in the car was bumping and bumping that it would bust a person window out. Did not know that I was getting a car after finishing up high school I was so excited that I could kiss a bird. No way is that my car I was speech least especially seeing it for the first time had me so happy.…show more content…
Did not think that I was getting a car because I think I would have to drive my grandma old rusty up car that blow out smoke and starts making so weird noises like keys or coins falling out of something. Listening to the engine in my car sounds like two people racing a car. The color of the car is dark like the sky at night looking so nice and pretty the way I like it. Being in the car and the smell of it smell like a new couch or a brand new place. Hearing the sound of the car when cracking it up and the dew is all over the windows is so annoying when hearing the window shield wipers scarping like a person finger

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