Descriptive Essay About My First Car

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My First Car
My first car was brought at an auction in Pascagoula, Mississippi in February 2000. My father and I didn’t have much of abound while I was growing up in Mobile, AL. He was in the Army and I was raised by my Mother with my two sisters. When I was in High School, my mother had a massive drug overdose. She had taken three different prescription’s drugs she was taken, at the time I was helping take care of my Grandmother at her house. My younger sister was at the home with mother along and my older sister graduated from high school living in another city. My father was out the military at the time doing active Reserve duties; he would take me to my mother’s house in the mornings for school. My Sister walked in the room and discover mother in bed not breathing. She left home and ran up the highway to use pay phone to call 911. My mother made it to hospital just in time to make it and the State granted custody of my sister and me to my father. After finishing High School I saved up $3,000
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I was paying more attention to all the other different venders and car’s displayed from a few of the local Dealerships. It was a few food tables set up around like: Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, French fries and Pizza. After a few more cars pass that didn’t get bided on at all, he announces a sky blue 1988 Ford Tempo. The bid started at $600 and went up to $2,200. I stopped bidding at $1,720 so I was little upset, because I wasn’t able to get the car I wanted. Truthfully, I was ready to leave but we stayed and I bided on a couple other cars just for the enjoyment seen I still had my rush from the first bid. The Auctioneer announced at the closing of the auction that there was a late enter, from a car that previously came through the line; he said ”it’s a sky blue Ford Tempo 1988 one person owner.” I was happy and bitter at the same time but was able to get it at $1,200 I excited about getting the care I really

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