Descriptive Essay About New York City

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New York City is called the Big Apple, however there are no correct ideas of how this universal moniker was established. Some says it is because of John J. Fitz Gerald and his column; other says it is named because during the Great Depression, people were force to sell Apples in a suit. I’ve stayed in New York longer than in my birthplace Guangzhou; New York City is my second hometowns. I’ve been in New York for fifteen years. I could go on and on bragging about the breathtaking sceneries of NYC such as the skyscrapers. However that will not show you the NYC I want to talk about. The NYC I want to show you is not the glamorous metropolis, instead it is the old New York City filled with histories and cultures.
Taking the subways 6 Line deep
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Beside the Europeans living in the Lower East Side, the Chinese also shared the area. In Chinatown you are able to see the old tenements that the first Chinese immigrants once live. In addition, you will be able to see stores that sell Chinese spices, Chinese clothing, and Chinese specialties, such as delicacies like dim sum and mooncakes. Mooncakes are seasonal treats that the Chinese eat in the autumn during The Mid-Autumn Festival AKA The Moon Festival. During the festival, the Chinese will eat dinner with their families and friends, enjoy the full moon, eat mooncakes, and think about families that are in China. Mid-Autumn Festival is a time where the Chinese try to get together and appreciate that they could be together instead of being alone. The mooncakes symbolize the family reunion, wishing that everyone could be with their…show more content…
During the 1800s, the New York State Legislature enacted a law which set aside more than 750 acres of land central to Manhattan Island and created America 's first major landscaped public park; “The Central Park.” Relaxing in the biggest park in New York City and leaving all the disturbances behind in The Big Apple. Forests of trees and flowers will surround you; you would be amazed at the vast view of all trees. This is a place where you could actually forget all about New York City and just enjoy the fresh oxygen provided by the trees and relax in the sun. New Yorkers would mediate in the park, getting all the stress and pressure off your mind. In conclusion, New York City has many ubiquitous monikers that represent the old and historical part of New York City. This is the New York that I loved for fifteen years. The historical and cultural of New York City are what that make New York City unique and
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