Descriptive Essay About A Year Ago

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A Year Ago
Sitting in the high seat of my 1992 teal Astro Van, coined as “Beb” for her license plate of 242-BEB, I turn the ignition on and defrost the windows. Its chilly out. The week of halloween. Ground frosty, leaves crunchy, the season resembles itself a year ago. A year has passed since I gained Beb, but lost an even more important possession. A Grandfather. I shiver at the memories, but soon the heater warms up, the windows defog, and I shift into drive. I have 30 minutes to go. Me and the fake plastic rose bouquet that lies in the passenger seat.
Silence is usually calming for me, but on this day the friend is a little too shaky, a little too sweaty. I turn on the radio, shooing the feeling back two rows of seats. Static still fills
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Waiting at the stoplight in Royalton I am embarrassed to see the passengers of the car next to me are staring at my outrageous dance moves. Avoiding their glares I turn my attention to the white rosary swaying back and forth from my visor. Held by a Miraculous Medal visor clip that features the images of St. Christopher on the left and Our Lady of the Highway on the right, the rosary is a tradition that my Grandpa instilled in all of us. Whenever anyone received a new vehicle he would make sure to give the person a rosary. It was placed there so if we were to get into a crash and did not know what to do, at least we would have something to hang on to; a direct landline to God…show more content…
The silence crawls back over the seats into the passenger side. I zip my flannel jacket up and grab the plastic flowers, the rosary from my visor, and a thermos full of black coffee. Opening the heavy door of Beb I step onto the crunchy ground. The cemetery is barren. No flowers, no visitors. A cat bird cries out from a pine tree and the wind causes the chain link fence to “click, click, click.” My feet crunch as I walk upon the fallen leaves to the headstone of my grandparents and sit down cross legged. Grass has grown back where my Grandma lay, but a few bald spots…...I pour some of the coffee onto the dirt. I take a swig myself of the pure black coffee. The flavor I did not drink until just about a year

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