Demonstrative Communication

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Demonstrative Communication the most important part of communication to and what I do. Demonstrative Communication is a type of communication that involves facial expressions, body language, hand gestures and posture it does not involve words itself but is a type of communication that you see or hear. When you are talking to people they can hear the tone in your voice what kind of mood you are in without you specifically telling them that you are happy, sad, angry, or any other type of feeling. The way you look at someone, the way you move your body or present yourself, all of these things are ways to communicate with people without actually telling them these things in verbal or written words.
Demonstrative communication has its positive times and also has some negative effects. Tone is one type of demonstrative communication that a lot of people can mess up or interpret wrong causing problems. One example could be that you the sender is on the phone with the receiver talking about a business proposal. Well the receiver may have had a rough day and is irritated about the things t...
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