Democracy in America

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Since the middle ages, corporatism has taken a leading role in countries by involving different organizations into a group of people to develop cooperative associations on the basis of shared interests. In Europe, corporatism was the main objective of people in a country. For example, Lewis Mumford note that the basic society "was based on classes and ranks" and there was no guaranteeing demand through security and no power that did not recognize the legal obligations of a corporate profile (Mumford). Once democracy began to spread and become definite in the United States, the Americans began to experiment with new ideas and values. In America, corporatism began to evolve into a new system where the knowing of freedom and justice was beginning to emerge among men. Democracy began to change the minds of the Americans and implement a whole different way of life. Democracy also made improvement in the political, region, and social institutions for the new Americans. With egalitarianism, these different influences changed the United States into disengaging from a communal corporatism to private corporatism. In the nineteenth century, when the influences of a modern democratic society began to spread among the Americans, the equality of gender, the role of women, and the people began to evolve into an individualistic culture. In the United States, democracy opens up new beliefs on equality among the role of gender. In Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville argues on how Americans were able to see the roles of gender more equally momentous than the Europeans. The Americans understand the roles of women and men essential in being part as a contribution to the community. Each of the gender contains the same mentality that makes the... ... middle of paper ... ...r matter of mankind”(Tocqueville 202). Democracy in America has made further adjustments in the social lives of the Americans on becoming more aware of their community and their role in society. In the political system, the risk of not being able to handle the weight of the majority had brought concerns on how this authoritarian power should be monitoring. Therefore, the jury, the associations, and the newspapers have been able to promote equality among the citizens in order to be involved into the administrative system. Individualism has spread among the Americans that their self-interests have become of their actions and beliefs. In religion, the Americans seem to apply the concept of selfishness into their beliefs, but the righteous judgment and values are, seemed through the role of women and the intentions of the government with community corporatism.

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