Democracy and Majoritarianism

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Democracy and how the government is run are behind theories. Majoritarianism is a theory of what both political scientist and ordinary citizens think the democracy should be. Unfortunately this is known as a poor way to find out data for elections through pulling data from Americans that may not be interested in politics or are unaware of the system. “Elite theory holds that society is ruled by small number of people who exercise power to further their own self-interest” (Schmidt, Shelley, & Bardes, 2011). Elite theory is known as the American system. People prefer to have their country ran by elite people verse privileged minorities. The politics in pluralism can become a struggle for some and conflicts may be accommodated through compromise because there is not a dominate process in the political acts.

The United States is a Republic, Democratic, Federal and Constitutional government that is limited in power. “The US Constitution is the ‘supreme law of the land’” (Damerow, 2009). Through different forms of dictatorship, totalitarianism, absolutism, and tyranny the structure of our national government runs. The political system of the United States democracy “refers to political systems where the rulers are popularly elected by a majority of voters” (Damerow, 2009). All US citizens above the age 18 have the right to vote. The republic aspect of a political system is not hereditary or monarchy form of government. The rulers of a republic are elected but not necessary through democracy. The Presidential system has a chief executive who by voters is directly elected and is in control of administrative and executive branches of government. The Presidential systems operated independently and have legislative branches ...

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...akes our government run.

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