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Understanding how the brain processes and stores memories has important implication. Dementia is a liberal term that refers to the decline and impairment of speech communication, abstract thought, memory and other cognitive functions. This cognitive disruption occurs to such an extent that they interfere with daily activities Dementia is not a disease itself. Instead, it depicts it describes a group of symptoms that frequently accompanies a disease or a condition. Although, it might initially seem disturbing to consider that half of the adult population will experience the symptoms of a mental disorder. Psychological symptoms without becoming completely debilitated and needing professional intervention most people clearly seem to manage …show more content…

During the growing process people learn all the skills and when dementia takes over the body you have a decrease in functioning. Dementia takes over the body on a progression that is extended and gradually takes over their body. Dementia behavior is a disease that will never have a treatment for (Practice Guideline, 2007). Dementia also has common issues of sexual behavior that people deal with but this has a treatment in which they would take on behavioral treatments in which they would control the urge to act out. The behavioral treatments will allow the patients to undergo a treatment that will give support for the patient and the family (Fisher & Carstensen, 1990; Mintzer et al., 1997; Teri et al., 1997). Treatments of drugs are not supported by clinician due to bad symptoms (Sultzer et al., 2008). It is said that most patients that have dementia that are treated with such anti-psychotics occur greater issues of aggression and mental health. Deaths are more triggered when taken meds. Patients with dementia usually loss all functioning skills once that is lost there is no medications or treatments that will be able to help them gain control or gain back

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