Dehumanization in Player Piano

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Recent trends, ideas, and technology has helped to bring about increased mechanization on society. We have Automated Teller Machines to replace bank tellers, robots do assembly line work at virtually every automotive company, and computers are integrated more and more into our daily lives. People are slowly, but surely, being replaced my machines and artificial "workers." Kurt Vonnegut's foresaw this movement of mechanization in the 1950's and responds to the dehumanization of society in his novel Player Piano. In Vonnegut's fictional world, machines and computers have eliminated the need for industrial laborers after the Second Industrial Revolution. Society is thus split into two unequal classes which consist of the managers and engineers of the machines, who happen to hold social status and exclusive privileges, and the rest of the population who live without happiness or dignity. The two populations live in segregation, with the north side of the river reserved for the upper-class and the south side of the river, known as Homestead, housing everyone else. Although all t...

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