Definition Essay On Sheep Wolves And Sheepdogs

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“Sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. The sheep go through life refusing to see evil. The wolves are the evil preying on the sheep. But the sheepdogs? They protect the sheep. They fight the evil”(Chris Kyle).Heroism-looking evil in the eye, not running away, and shutting him down in his path. Hero-any living thing who will face challenges, pursue dangers, protect and serve. e.g. Veterans, Active Military, Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Family.
A hero is not someone who is cowardly or scared he/she is never a bully or afraid to stand up to one. A hero is not afraid to do the right thing or correct the wrong thing. A hero is not someone who is cowardly or sheepish. A hero is not a quitter or a mean, unkind person. A hero is not fearful or timid. A hero is not a lowlife evildoer. A hero never has a faint heart. A hero never dies. …show more content…

A hero is a police officer who protects the city over himself. A hero is the many armed force soldiers who protect their country and help the others. We label the firefighter who ran into the Twin Towers and saved people a hero. I recognize my family members as a hero.
A hero always stands up for the weak sheep. A hero is someone very courageous. A hero is always nice, and always puts others first. A hero is a natural leader and has a big heart. A hero is very inspirational and caring. A hero is bold and fearless. A hero is daring and has guts. A hero is anyone, you just have to find it within yourself.
Who will you be, the sheep or the shepherd? “I'm a shepherd, not a sheep, and I've always prided myself on being a leader and not a follower”(Dustin Diamond). Will you be the hero? Will you love unconditionally? Will you be brave and courageous? Will you help all who need it? Will you put others above yourself? Thank you

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