Decriminalization of drugs

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Decriminalization of drugs is a sensible policy and many would approve in decriminalization under the current regime. The outlook will be vastly good with the possibilities of less property crimes and homicides in the current society, also less overcrowding in prisons due to addicts getting convicted, and huge percent of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS will decrease to users who are not homosexual.
Property crimes will go down outstandingly due to anyone addicted to drugs. Citizens will be detained in a forced rehabilitation because they can not break and enter into houses to rob expensive items that they can sell and buy more drugs to support their habit.” The most common perpetrators to break and enter into houses to support their drug habit are the same people who reside in the same neighborhood as the victim” (Goldstein,johnson n.pag). Ten percent of homicides and assaults nationwide were drug related (hardwood n.pag). With the decriminalization of drugs we will see less deaths caused by conflict between two dealers. For example a thirty-nine-year-old women was killed by a stray bullet on east Manhattan between two drug dealers (new York post n.pag).
The second claim is no mystery that prisons are getting overcrowded and numbers are growing rapidly. Decriminalization can reduce the amount of inmates in prison by forty percent and be put in forced rehab. In rehab they will get help for their addiction and hopefully become clean and not go back to old habits. Also the sale of drugs can drop since the user who were once customers will be clean to be able to fit in as productive member of society rather than as a convicted felon and also hurt drug trafficking and sa...

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...addicts and possibly kids will have an easier time obtaining these drugs. Car related deaths can increase due to driving under the influence ( debate.yukizimo n.pag).
Overall, decriminalizing drugs is a big positive in stopping less property crimes and homicides Because we will be seeing less breaking and entering and robbing expensive items to only sell to get drugs, since they will be getting help. It is a really good idea to happen because the people convicted for holding drugs can be sent to rehab and less overcrowding in prisons can free a ton of space for actual law breakers who deserve jail time. Decriminalizing drug may bring a flow of problems but the pros greatly outweigh the cons and can be a bright future for people becoming clean like in Portugal that got a half cut of people addicted to drugs( time magazine n.pag).

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