Death of a Salesman

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In Arthur Miller's play "Death of a Salesman", the protagonist Willy Loman sets out to pursue the American Dream only to find complete failure. With hard work and devotion, Willy believes that he will one day be a success in a booming economy. As one critic states, Willy's character is of a common man. He is not anything special, nor ever was. He chose to follow the American dream and he chose to lead the life it gave him (Death of a Salesman: The Culture Of Willy Loman). Willy dies an unsuccessful person, with the realization that everything he had worked for was not achieved. There are many angles that Willy Loman can be examined from to sort out what type of man he really was. He was a man who lacked vision, drive, and ambition, which lead to his failure. Willy believed that he would one day retire with all the riches that a successful businessman deserved. During the time period he lived in, it was a given that if you worked hard at a profession the American Dream was a guaranteed deal. Willy thought he had everything it took to be the best; unfortunately he lacked the necessary prudentials to succeed. Willy was simply a salesman who was old fashion and could not change with society's new trends. He was oblivious to new ideas concerning his profession and his family. Willy did not have a very broad imagination, which made him ignorant to the everyday changing world he lived in. He had just one concept that consisted of hard work that one day would lead to wealth. People like Willy spend an entire life playing the role of a common person, then passing away with no accomplishments, except their families who deal with the problems left behind. ... ... middle of paper ... ...s Cited Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman. Retrieved 20 February, 2004 from <>. Death Of A Salesman: The Culture Of Willy Loman. Retrieved 20 February, 2004 from <>. Untitled. Retrieved 20 February, 2004 from <>. Untitled. Retrieved 22 February, 2004 from

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