Death With Dignity Research Paper

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Death with Dignity. Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. Those are the only three states in the United States of America that allow adult patients with long term, terminal illnesses to request and receive a prescription that ends their life. Although very few people have chosen to use this law, there are people who have. The rules and regulations that come with the Death with Dignity law are specific, precise, and only used under certain circumstances. Death isn’t a topic that many people like to discuss. As Americans we tend to try to be more optimistic and pretend like we’re invincible, when reality is we’re not. The Death with Dignity law could be considered similar to the idea of “pulling the plug” when a person is unconscious or in a coma. There are groups of people that are against the law getting passed in any other states in the near future. Although sometimes friends, family, and community members get diagnosed with diseases that will inevitably end their life. The death of a loved one is painful and hard, but in some rare cases the sick get to …show more content…

Maynard was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she was given less than 6 months to live and those last few months would be extremely painful. She accepted and came to terms with the extent of her disease. Maynard knew that her death was inevitable, but she was determined that she was going to die with dignity and on her own terms. She was able to make the choice in her right mind, and say her goodbyes before her death. On November 1, 2014 Maynard willingly injected herself with life-ending medication while surrounded by her loved ones. In the months since her passing, more than 11 million Americans have watched the video of her explaining her reasons for using the Death with Dignity law. (Wilson) Maynard has quickly and respectfully become the face behind support groups to get the law passed in more U.S.

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