Death Row

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“Is the government doing enough?” that’s a question most people ask themselves when starting a debate about a sensitive topic. In the Untied States, the capital punishment is limited. People often find it cruel and heartless to punish people by the death penalty. The death penalty is a sensitive topic everywhere; people are either with or without death penalty. Death penalty should be a punishment for murders, rapist and people who commit a crime that destroys another person’s life. Death penalty can be effective because, it’s going to spread fear between criminals, gives the victim’s families closure, reduces the prison population and keeps our society safe from dangerous people.
Death penalty might sound like the immoral thing to do; however it’s effective. When a criminal is sentence to the death sentence, it spreads fear between criminals who committed a similar crime. It also, decreases the amount of criminals that were thinking about committing that particular crime. In the article, “The Death Penalty Deters Crime and Saves Lives” Muhlhausen explains to us how death penalty sa...

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