Death Penalty vs. Life in Prison

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The death penalty is a place no one wants to be. Several criminals have done death penalty during their life time. People say that once you do your crime you have to do the time and pay the cost of what you done. Death penalty is mostly done by the legal authority when you are doing death penalty you will be punished for your assault and your behavior you have caused. I think that death penalty is a bad place because I don’t want to have to take anyone life for their behavior just sends them to prison for several years. When some people are on death penalty they can’t see their family for a long time and that will affect some of the people that have children. That’s why now today children do the things they do like curse out their parents and fight, gambling and other bad things. The people in there probably don’t like it causes of the food they give them and how they have to take short showers every day. Some people get the death chair and don’t die when they get in the chair. I think they shouldn’t kill them they should just let them stay in prison until they die. Like C Murder he ...

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