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The Right to Choose Life or Death
Death is a natural incident of life that many people dread and have difficulty coming to terms with. Sometimes when we pass it is out of our control, and we are often oblivious to the moment of death. The passing of a life can be full of emotions and thoughts beyond perception, but it can also be beautiful, silent and be of ease to a person suffering if the death was dignified. Some individuals are ready to come to terms with such a natural process of life on their own when diagnosed with a terminal illness and others are not. There are no ways to prepare for death unless it is controllable. Individuals need to accept the fact that it will happen at some point and attempt to live life without fearing death is the best thing that can be done. Death can be viewed in an optimistic way simply by considering whether or not the person has lived his or her life to the fullest and is ready to accept death. We can ease the fear of death for the terminally ill by allowing the choice to end their life on the individuals own terms and relieve suffering through the Death with Dignity Act.
Some believe that death should be a natural occurrence and find assisting people trying to end their life as wrong. We have no control over what others say but we should have a choice and be able to live our lives in the way we want, based on our personal beliefs and desires. We can only try to understand that people’s views differ on how they view death and respect those differences. Which can then promote a better manner of dying for those individuals wants. To be able to have control over the fear of death by having the ability to end life on your own terms is the greatest relief in many individual’s eyes.
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... moral issues of physician assisted suicide are controversial as it is compared to abortion and death row topics. Many argue is morally acceptable for a dying person who is choosing to escape the unbearable suffering through physician assisted suicide as it is seen as humane. Additionally, it is a physician’s job to lessen patients suffering, which justifies providing aid in the end of life wants for an individual. The arguments rely a great deal on the respect for individual self want, which recognizes the constitutional rights of competent people to choose the timing and manner of their death, when faced with terminal illness. Others have argued that is not morally acceptable, because it contradicts the obligation of physician’s duty to preserve life. While arguments continue with no end in sight, more terminally ill advocate for the right to end their suffering.
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