Death Of A Salesman

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“Tragedy and the Common Man”: A Study of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman
The Pulitzer Prize winning play of Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman captures the final days in the life of a lower-middle class salesman Willy Loman, who has forced to face the terrible fact that sixty years of his life have been a failure. Miller has looked into the hearts of some ordinary Americans bewitched by the American Dream. An old man who struggles to keep pace with the expectations of the capitalistic world later succumbs to it by selling his own life and body for a price of twenty five thousand dollars. Miller mingles present, fantasy and dream to make the flow of time fluid.
The sixty year old salesman becomes insignificant and unwanted in the world of materialism and technology. On road he has served the company for thirty six years but the new young manager, Howard Wagner fires him as he finds the old man and his ways of selling things are outdated. “You can’t eat the orange and throw the peel away- a man is not a piece of fruit” (Miller 64). He is rejected, disdained by his two sons Biff a...
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