Death In The Play Everyman

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In the play Everyman the main issue and topic that is talked about is death. This paper will focus on the author's perception of death and his treatment of death in this play. Everyman is a morality play, meaning that the play is a type of allegory and the character in the play will be met by various moral attributes who prompt to make a choice between good and evil (Van Laan, 1963). This play was written in the late 15th century and is one of the best known plays of this genre (Van Laan, 1963). From what I‘ve read in the play itself and from my research I think that the author believe that death’s role is to bring people to judgement. Throughout the play we see death as the main topic and every line of the play relates to death and what happens…show more content…
He represents someone that has died and now is faced with his Day of Judgement in which he has to bear the consequences for his actions while he was alive. In this play God becomes saddened that his creation, mankind, has become to absorbed by wealth and riches and they no longer follow him. Because of this he sends Death to visit Everyman and bring him before Him to receive judgement. When Death appears to Everyman and tells him that his death is upon him he becomes very scared and asks if he can have a companion to accompany him on his journey. Death allows this but no one will agree to go with Everyman because the journey will end badly. The only one who can accompany him is his friend Good Deeds, but Good Deeds is very weak because Everyman has not loved her enough in his life. When Everyman appears before God he repents of his sins and begs for forgiveness while punishing himself with a scourge. After this he gets absolved of his sins and he can continue on with his journey with Death. When the play ends it shows Everyman climbing into his grave with Good Deeds and the Doctor comes in and explains that in the end of every man's life he will only have the company of his Good Deeds to accompany him on his last…show more content…
One of the first that is introduced it that death represents loneliness and alienation. According to Mary Etta Scott the biggest shock to Everyman in this play is that the external aids that he had relied on all his life will not and cannot help him out of the situation he finds himself in (Scott, 1988). Everyone that he know and everything that he owns will be of no use to him on this journey. There is no one that wants to accompany him because they all have their own affairs to handle and they fear the end result of his journey. This perspective on death creates a very desolate and lonely atmosphere in the play. Everyman is abandoned by all those he considers good friends and nothing he can say will convince them to journey with him. I think that this very accurately describes the way death really is for us. No one can accompany us and no material things we gather can follow us when we
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