Deaf Case Study

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1.The population I decided I wanted to learn more about is children who are deaf. 2. a. It can be very difficult to distinguish the origin of a child’s hearing loss. One reason is if there were difficulties during the pregnancy or birthing process. For instance, if the mother contracted a severe illness like German measles it could influence the baby’s hearing. If the mother takes a certain kinds of medicine including ototoxic drugs, it can transfer into the fetus negatively affecting the baby’s hearing. After birth experiences can disturb the hearing system as well. One way would be if the baby were experiencing Jaundice after being born. Another cause would be if a baby were born with other diseases such as Down syndrome. Deafness can also…show more content…
Hearing loss in a baby’s is found to be more often than not static. Contradicting that idea, the technology advances have helped the medical practice detect hearing difficulties earlier. This could be to detect a potential hearing problem that could progress to deafness. Just because a child maybe progressing does not mean that there hearing is necessarily getting worse but it’s not at the level it used to be. Once a baby or child becomes completely deaf they will have it for a lifetime. However, early intervention and new technology brings the ability for some children to receive cochlear implants or hearing aids. To conclude, once a baby is born with it then it’s static and congenital, but on the bright side there are ways to relief the children who are…show more content…
Center on Deafness 3444 Dundee Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 Voice: (847) 559-0110 FAX (847) 559-8199 c. This facility does not focus on creating a leisure lifestyle. After the functional intervention and social interaction skills are met, they are seen to be ready to enter the real world. I think they should have a CTRS to facilitate Leisure Education and how to take those skills they acquired and apply it to recreation participation. Third example is Mental Health Care of Denver specifically Deaf Counseling Services. a. Service they offer include psych education, community outreach, urgent care, availability of an interpreter, individual, group or family therapy, and inpatient and out patient facilitation. All the staff at this program have fully understanding of American Sign Language and signed English. b. c. Deaf Counseling Services 1405 N. Federal Blvd. Denver, CO Voice 303-504-1500 c. Therapeutic recreation could enhance relationships and communication in group or family therapy. Through the pyscho education service they can educate kids about the fundamental abilities they need to improve on to develop skills that will be meaningful to their future. A CTRS would be very beneficial in this facility because they could help in the in patient treatment and other areas to assist in exploring new leisure lifestyles regarding their
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