Personal Experience: My Experience As A Deaf World

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I will be writing about my experiences at Deaf Nation Expo in Chicago, Illinois that I attended on the date of November 7th, 2015. I have to say that it was really overwhelming, even as a deaf person, because it was actually my first time experiencing deaf people signing everywhere, the real deaf world. It was hard to not look at them and see what they 're saying, because I 've been living in the hearing world my whole life where I 'm used to people just talking and barely moving their hands and arms. It was a joyous and fun experience, however, meeting a lot of deaf people with many different backgrounds. It was the day that I truly realized that the deaf world is undoubtedly a melting pot because it doesn 't matter what race, background,…show more content…
I want to list some of the positive and negative things about the event that I attended. The positives would be that I did not have to use an interpreter to communicate with anyone, everyone knew sign language and it was a bit awkward because like I said, I am used to having that communication barrier in my world, so it was fun and I felt so much more independent; I even started asking everyone for more information on their stuff that they 're marketing or where things were because usually in the hearing world, I would just say nothing and hope that things will reveal themselves to me. Almost everyone were very friendly and shared their life experiences with me, making me feel like I 'm part of the family and it was hard for me to do the same since I 've raised not to really share anything and just to listen to what everyone 's saying and say nothing to contribute anyways. That also made me realize that my deafness does not have a big D, because I 've been taught to think and act like a hearing person, so it 's definitely hard for me to connect with deaf people. The negatives would have to be that it was hard for me to see what the person on the stage is signing because I don

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