Davy Crockett: The Ultimate Hero Of The Frontier

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Garcia 1 Art Garcia Professor Young History 143 8 May 2014 Davy Crockett: The Ultimate Hero of the Frontier The adventurous lifestyle of Davy Crockett can effortlessly label him as the ultimate frontiersman. This revolutionary hero has successfully established his name as legend due to numerous battles, adventures and his views in politics. Davy began his journey for independence and adventure at a young age where he adopted the qualities of leadership and heroism. Davy’s life is repeatedly referenced as a myth, legend, and American folk tale due to the extreme measures and circumstance that he faced and conquered miraculously, such as surviving malaria! His fame and popularity boomed in popular culture over generations influencing T.V. shows, songs, and even popularizing his signature coonskin cap. With the evidence provided by numerous sources and research, it can accurately be said Davy Crockett is America’s greatest folk legend that reigned in the early 19th century. Greene County, East Tennessee on August 17, 1786, marks the birth of a nationwide hero and inside the humble home of John and Rebecca Crockett begins the life and legend of David Crockett. As a young child, Davy began to develop his skills as a marksman by training with his father and hunting with his brothers. At Garcia 2 the age of 13 his father enrolled him to receive an education but it was shorty lived since he’d much rather enjoy missing school and only after four days of school he beat the local schoolyard bully. In fear of facing the consequences from his father he ran away to work as a wagoner and a day-laborer for over two years to support himself, showing his hunger for freedom and desire for independence. Along his way Davy acquired his impeccable w... ... middle of paper ... ...lowing us to relive the moments of Davy’s reign. Although he physically died, his death was essential for his legend to carry on. Bob Thompson says it best in his biographic novel appropriately titled, “Born on a Mountain Top – On the Road with Davy Crocket and the Ghosts of the Wild Frontier.” Thompson states, “Then again, if David Crockett had lived, we almost most certainly wouldn’t be telling his story today.” (Thompson 336). So in the end, his death opened up a wonderous adventure story for many to enjoy. Davy Crockett, the frontiersman, woodsman, congressman, hero and legend (he was a freemason as well, hence his desire to help others). America has had many heroes come and go such as Jim Bowie, Lewis and Clark and Teddy Roosevelt, but none seem to par up with Davy Crockett. Undoubtedly, Crockett is King of the Wild Frontier and America’s greatest folk legend.

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