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Davenport University is pleased to submit this request for proposal of services to all competing companies in achieving its goals for improving the universities technologies and student experience by providing a timely and cost effective method of delivery, installing, and configuring of these technologies systems. We have partnered with the information technology department with the school’s education board with the intent of improving the educational standards. It is crucial that the accuracy of supply quota and the delivery of 200 new machines is done in a timely manner and does not interrupt the education process at Davenport University. Davenport University is looking for a technology leasing company to supply them with the most up to date versions in computer systems. This company will need to have a well-deserved reputation for quality customer service. Faced with the improvements in technology, this supply vendor faces the possibility of decreasing sales revenues if they do not follow the exact needs in delivery and services. A well-developed solution should be put in …show more content…

The first requirement is to have all the capabilities of supplying 200 brand new machines, at 50 units at a time, but also remove the out of date machines simultaneously. The next goal is to evaluate cost, vendor must stay competitive in deliverables and expenses to remain a contender in who the university choses. The new machines will be leased with a contract to upgrade after an agreed number of years, where at that time another exchange will occur. The information technology department at davenport will maintain the machines for the agreed timeframe of the contract, however the supply vendor is required to provide the university with a suitable firewall program licensing that will cover all 200 machines (Project Management Docs,

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that davenport university considered the return on investment and agreed to upgrade the school's computers and technology equipment. the project has a start date of april 1st.
  • Explains that davenport university would prefer the prospective vendors of the new systems uphold several standards, agreed upon from the school’s education board.
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