Daughters Of Liberty: The Role Of Colonial Women

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The role of American women captured the heart of the colonial resistance. As colonial wives and mothers, they bought most of the household items which included food, drinks, and clothing. These Daughters of Liberty (colonial women) played a vital role in resisting such laws as the Stamp Act and the Townshend Act, while they also fulfilled their household duties of making their own clothes instead of buying luxurious style British imported garments. The colonial women unquestionably showed that they played a vital role at home and in the church, but also in politics and political movements with more of a success rate than any mob of violent men. What is the role of a domestic colonial wife or mother? Most women bought everything for their homes including food, drinks, and clothing. They served their families three meals or more a day and also served them tea at tea times. In addition, they also either bought or made their families clothes. The Stamp Act infuriated the nation by having to buy a special watermarked paper to be used to print every type of legal document on such as college diplomas, marriage …show more content…

As domestic garment production became even more popular, the Daughters of Liberty started hosting spinning bees. It is noted through a historian that over sixteen hundred women took part in the spinning bees from 1768 C.E. to 1770 C.E. in area around New England alone. With their determination to show everyone that liberty meant more to them than idleness and luxury, the spinning women not only undercut the idea that a woman did not belong in politics, but also fulfilled their role with far greater success than the men were able to do. These women showed the British that the resistance consisted of more than protests of male merchants and seamen, but all of America was willing to fight till the

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