Dark Communication Are Undermining My Progress

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Journal Entry #6 I don’t believe any elements of dark communication are undermining my progress. It’s weird because my husband and I are usually on the same page. We both are having a hard time adapting to his brother living with us. He gets upset about certain things and other times he lets it go because it is his brother. However, he isn’t my brother so I’m not as lenient, which is why I usually try not to say exactly how I feel because I know he would go in defense mode and I don’t want us to fight over things that really don’t matter- like always doing the dishes. If I could include any of the elements I would say jealousy. There are times when my husband and his brother go off and film stuff or take photographs as they are both into that kind of stuff. Usually I don’t mind because I like to have some time alone too. However, there are times when I’m just ready for him to be home so we can hang out. Or when he is home, his brother just keeps talking to him so I am kind of left out. One thing I really love about my husband is he never forgets I am in the room. He always looks at me and says something sweet, or if he is gone for a while he will shoot me a text saying he loves me. This makes it a lot easier to not get as jealous. In addition, I usually don’t get too jealous because there are times he mainly goes because his brother keeps talking about it and he doesn’t want to just stand his brother up. Therefore, he doesn’t just leave me alone all the time or ignore me. Journal Entry #7 Last night my husband and I were actually able to find some alone time. We were having a good night and I thought it would be a good idea to ask my husband about how we handle conflicts and all the question in journal entry seven. I found this... ... middle of paper ... ...elps me keep at least the living room clean. However, I was upset the other day because I had to clean everything again with no help; therefore, instead of telling my husband “you don’t help me and your brother is so lazy….” I told him that its tough coming home every day and having to keep everything clean, especially when I worked all day and went to school. Then I said I just want more time to hang out with him and it would be nice to have a little help.” He agreed that it would be a pain, and said he was sorry and will help out more. Over the last week he has helped with the dishes a few times and he even cooked and told me not to worry about it. In addition, I also feel that using connect talk has helped. I’ve done my best to not turn away his bids and to listen to him when he talks. I believe this makes him feel better, especially when the subject is serious.

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