Daniel Keyes 'Flowers For Algernon'

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Flowers for Algernon: Comparison
Flowers for algernon the book by Daniel Keyes, had more detail and better display of emotions/changes in charlie's life than the movie. This is proven because the book had been written in charlie's perspective, so you knew how he felt about what was going on around him. Another reason why is because there was a lot more symbolism in the book than the movie ever had for love. Charlie loved algernon with all his heart because he was just like him. So when he dies a part of charlie dies with him. But in the movie Charlie's love is more directed towards Mrs. Kinnian and Rose, his mom, that were never really in the storyline to begin with. The movie also added a lot of side plots that took away from the story and distracted the viewer for what was going on with Charlie and Algernon, as to where the book stayed on topic. …show more content…

One of the places that this is best displayed is when charlie “crashes”. At the end of the story he becomes depressed and loses everything that he knew, but in the movie, it end right before that. So you never see what happens after algernon and the after effects of the experiment. Another example is when charlie goes to the convention. In the movie that was a big scene, When charlie goes and makes a fool of his doctors in front of everyone by making an unnecessary speech and letting out all the lab mice. The movie did this because they need to show charlie's emotions towards the whole experiment. But in the book this was skipped altogether because they wanted to stay focused on charlie and his

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