Dangers Of Coffee Essay

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It is recognizable, traditional among many, the only thing that gets you through the day, and found upon every street corner in the world. It has a dozen interpretations and flavors, it is found anywhere; from Starbucks to the coffee section in Walmart. Coffee, the most popular drink. If you are like me you can’t go 24 hours without it, you can’t even go 12 hours without it. Exactly what makes people lose their minds over coffee? Is it the caffeine, the aroma, the taste or the sense of gathering that people crave? Most people need coffee in order to make it through the day, but my paper focus on the dangers of being so reliant on coffee. The earliest recorded knowledge of coffee was the middle of the 15th century in Yemen Sufi monasteries. Sufis used it to keep themselves alert during their nighttime devotions. Coffee was slowly…show more content…
The caffeine in coffee is a drug that can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as headache and fatigue. In a fact sheet released by John Hopkins Medicine; Caffeine Dependence states, “Caffeine in coffee can be associated with several distinct psychiatric syndromes: caffeine intoxication, caffeine withdrawal, caffeine dependence, caffeine-induced sleep disorder, and caffeine-induced anxiety disorder.” It doesn’t take much to become addicted to the delicious drink, but it takes a lot to become unhooked. On days you decide to not drink coffee you are moody and distant. According to Frederic Patenaude, “Reliance on coffee to jump start your day is actually depleting your physical, emotional, and mental state” (Patenaude). This unknown fact about coffee causes us to believe we are experiencing an energy jump, but in reality it is a stress response. After about an hour, one experiences an energy crash resulting in more coffee being drank. It is a vicious cycle, so why don’t we do anything to eliminate this unhealthy
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