Dancing in The Dark by Morris Dickstein

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Section ONE:
Ronald Reagan once said, “We fought a war on poverty, and poverty won.” I read the book, Dancing in the dark by Morris Dickstein. This book was about the great depression, and the impacts it had on American life. The traditional thought of poverty, people dying of hunger and people lying in the roads, has been erased. America has abolished poverty by the traditional standards but the thought of poverty and what it is has changed. In America we consider poverty to be spending all your money on bills, so you have no money left for food to feed your family. We consider poverty to be just being poor. One-Third of our population makes less than $38,000. This is not enough to be able to be above the poverty line. Anything below this “line” is considered being poverty. How do they decide this line? They take the cost of a very basic diet, and they multiply it by three, for a family of three. That being said, One-half of the jobs in America pay below $38,000 a year, so no wonder we are losing the war on poverty.
Will America ever end poverty and if so, how? I want to know the answer to this question, because this is the country I’m growing up in, I might become poor and then not be able to work my way out. Many hard working poor people feel like they are “in a hole that is 6 feet deep, and they cannot escape,” because they are working to pay their bills, not to buy food for their family. Peter Edelman said, “The Civil Rights Movement changed the course of history, and spread into the woman’s rights movement, the environmental act, and later the gay rights act movements, could we have said on the day before dawn of each that it would happen, let alone succeed?” Goals just need a completion date, or they will never be accomp...

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...y will understand that there is a place where they don’t have to worry about if their kids are going to have a meal that night or not. We need to help the poor, so that we can become the great America we were. So we can reclaim the American Dream. America isn’t a place of land and opportunity anymore; it’s a place of inequality and greed.

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