DCC Learning Center Case Study

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The issue that caused the administrator to resign was a disagreement between the administrator, the director and the board of directors. The administrator wanted to release a few clients due to past due payments and the director disagreed with the decision. The director had evidence that the clients in question had paid all payments or only missed one payment. The disagreement between the administrator and director caused the director to reach out the board of directors to voice her opinion that the clients who the administrator wanted to release did not deserve it and the actions should be reconsidered. The board of directors held an emergency meeting. The director’s and administrator’s views were reviewed and the board decided to hold…show more content…
From the emergency board meeting, I understood there were financial issues and potential staff issues, but thought the bookkeeping aspect of the job was up to date and complete. I found out otherwise. The bookkeeping was a disaster and the highlight was that the entry of payments to DCC Learning Center was not completed accurately. According to Crevecoeur (1782), “…he must therefore entertain new ideas, and form new opinions” fits how I needed to proceed. I had to change my way of thinking and come up with new ideas on how to fix the problems I encountered throughout the service…show more content…
A quick review of the financial software showed the checking account had not been reconciled for over a year, payments were not applied properly, there was over $5,000 of past due payments and client information was not accurate. Taking a deeper look showed some payments were entered for the wrong date, wrong client and in some cases just was not entered. All Learning Center debit and credit card activity was not entered for over a year and some of the deposits did not match the documents provided by the Learning Center
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