D.L. Moody

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D. L. Moody the greatest evangelist of the nineteenth century is written by Faith Coxe Bailey. Dwight L. Moody lived in Connecticut River valley. The book starts him off at a young age of 16. He had a very pessimistic attitude about his life, how he worked all year long without a break, but this young man did not know what the Lord was holding for him in the future. God used Dwight in multiple ways. Dwight in the end, though very ill, still did what the Lord was telling him to do.
Dwight hates his place in the country, and also hated his work of chopping wood. One of his first problems arose when he decided to ask his uncle Samuel if he could go back to Boston with him and work for him in his shoe store. He offered to work for a cheap price. Samuel turned down his great offer because he saw the need for him to stay with his mother and siblings in Connecticut. Even though Samuel said no, this did not stop Dwight from wanting to be in the city. He took the liberty himself to move on his own. He moved to the nearest city, Clinton, it was not Boston, but it was better than his old country life.
While in Clinton, Dwight was an employee for an old newspaper man. The man teased Dwight every day with the same question, “Well, now, what is your considered opinion of our town of Clinton?”. Dwight’s job was to address the envelopes with names and addresses. Dwight, being the country boy that he wa...
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