Cyclohexane Lab Report

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In this lab experiment, three milliliters of pure cyclohexane was placed within a test tube and lowered into an ice-water bath. The test tube had a temperature probe within it, which measured the cyclohexane lowering in temperature. Once the cyclohexane solution started to solidify, the cooling curve could be observed and the freezing temperature could be determined. The pure cyclohexane was then thawed, with 0.60 grams of biphenyl being added to the cyclohexane. The experiment was then run again. The result was a freezing point of around 8.6℃ for the pure cyclohexane and 7.0℃ for the cyclohexane-biphenyl solution. To confirm the results that the cyclohexane-biphenyl solution had a lower freezing point, the experiment was ran again. The results
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