Curriculum Development Essay

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According to McNeil (1977) he states that others see curriculum as to boost learning of school subjects. Curriculum is basically a guideline for teachers to teach the content of the nine key learning areas in primary school education. The curriculum development unit with its members make the curriculum for teachers for implementation thus, how teachers implement it depends on them. Although teachers are the ones to use curriculum and implement it, they don’t get much opportunity of providing a helping hand in the making of the curriculum.
To begin with, as defined by Jack Kerr (1968) curriculum is the learning which is planned and guided by school whether it is earned on in groups or individually inside or outside school. When a curriculum is developed one should keep in mind that it should be …show more content…

The learners are directly being affected by the curriculum thus when the curriculum developers prepare the curriculum they should bear in mind that the student should be in the centre of the curriculum. Parents can also help shape the curriculum only if they are actively involved in the school activities.

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