Cummins Inc. Analysis

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Strategic Information We unleash the Power of Cummins by motivating our employees to act like owners working together. We strive to exceed customer expectations by always being first to the market with the best quality products available. Cummins partners with our customers to make succeed by demanding that everything that we do leads us to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. We create wealth for all stakeholders through advanced product development. (Cummins, Inc.) The SWOT analysis will provide a realistic picture of our organization in relation to its internal and external environments so we can better establish strategy in pursuit of its mission. (Cummins2) SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Cummins Inc. is one of the leading power development companies that conducts the design, manufacture and distribution of diesel and natural gas engines plus providing related services. The company’s massive production and distribution network, strong liquidity and comprehensive offerings are the major strengths, even as dependence on single supplier and drop in operational achievement are areas of burden. However, the company could benefit from prosperity in the automobile sector, strategic acquisitions and joint ventures. (Data, Global) Strengths Weaknesses Strong Liquidity Operational Performance Comprehensive Business Operations Dependence on Single Supplier Extensive Manufacturing & Distribution Network Work Stoppage & Labor Unions Issues Opportunities Threats Growth in Automobile Sector Asia & the US Rise in Raw Material Prices Strategic Acquisition Stringent Regulations Joint Venture Agreement Competition (Data, Global) (Cummins) SWOT Conversion Strengths ... ... middle of paper ... ...t Bosch GmbH, Tenneco and Honeywell. The demand for the products depends on the competitive atmosphere, including the timely development and introduction of new and competitive products and the company’s response to downward pricing to sustain competition. Factors including changes in customer order patterns and competitors’ new products could impact the company’s competitive ability. (Cummins) Assigned Roles for this Worksheet Coordinator: John Taylor Recorder: Karl Ritter Checker: John Taylor Monitor: Karl Ritter Works Cited Cummins. n.d. 4 3 2014. Data, Global. Cummins2. n.d
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