Critical Pedagogy Essay

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Critical pedagogy
Critical pedagogy is a doctrine of teaching that translates into an oppressive approach of being educated, including an insight on social justice and culture. It was first described by Paolo Freire, it was since then developed by Henry Giroux and other practitioner’s oriented educational movement guided by knowledge and principal to help student develop consciousness of freedom. In the following paragraphs, I will explain two sources that helped me understand the concept of critical pedagogy.
The first source is “Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy and the Struggle against Capital Today: An Interview with Peter McLaren”. It is an article about an interview that took place at the Hampton Institute on the 16th June 2015 with M. Peter McLaren, a worldwide renowned activist, a professor, and also an important founder of the concept of critical pedagogy. He was joined by Derek Ford, the disciple of M. McLaren that interviewed him about his political view, activism journey and also about his forthcoming book the Pedagogy of Insurrection. “Here, I agree with Che's concern on the battle of the human heart against differences and I trust that it is important to make a more human, radical and equal world. I am not hesitant to state the fact that the creation of socialism is a courageous act. After all, everyone knows how brutal capitalism is and how much the world suffered because of it and if we give a quick look at the United States right now, we could see the print left by the austerity of capitalism. After all, we should realize soon enough that we don’t need many …show more content…

I chose these specific sources because the authors are renowned for their critical pedagogy thesis, thus, the information collected were accurate and very pertinent. The purpose of the sources were justified as they provided thoroughly information about critical

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