Reflection Of Education: The Consciousness Gap In Education

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:My college experience has been very eye opening and realizing that as a future educator I might be limited to what I can do and teach my students. A critical educator is someone that teachers critically to what they believe is best for them and for their students that not because someone teachers a certain way they also have to teach on the form. Understand that every person is different and that everyone learns at different rates and ways. A critical educator is the educator that creates critical thinkers that do not just to class because they are required but because they want to learn. An educator that teaches in different ways so students can feel they belong and have interest for the class.
If teacher do not think critically to who
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In the reading the courage to teach it gives you different scenarios of what to expect and how to be a teacher you have to have to hear to your inner teacher. If you do not know yourself how can you teach other people about how to value themselves. If you want to be a critical educator you have to think of “This is what fits you and this is what doesn’t” (Palmer) that by knowing the ways you teach you can help others learn. In “The consciousness gap in education” by Dorinda Carter she talks about the gap in education and this relates to the courage to teach because by knowing the struggle of teachers and the hard work they do to be able to be a critical teacher in the 21st century. If you think critically of where you live and the privileges and disadvantages you have you might be able to connect to other students advantages and disadvantages they…show more content…
For example in the TED talk “The consciousness gap in education” by Dorinda Carter, she talks about how 38 percent of black, 36 percent of Indian Natives Americans and 34 percent of Latinos live in poverty but only 13 percent of whites live in poverty by having this information critical educators will be able to teach the students at the level they need and subjects or topics that will benefit them and not just to how to take a test so the school can get funding but to teach the children to think critically of how they are living and why. This quote is from Palmer but reminds me of Frost “ This is what gives you life and this is what kills your spirit or makes you wish you were dead” because in the book “The Game of School” Frost give the audience the message of how we play the game but teachers give the tools to the students to play the game and by giving the disadvantage the tools to play the way in a manner of the privilege should be more fair and
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