Critical Analysis Of Frederic Remington

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For my critical analysis paper I went to the Evansville Museum of Arts located in Evansville, Indiana to pick a subject for my paper. I chose to review the sculpture created by the American artist Frederic Remington. This sculpture was casted by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Company in New York in the year 1895 (Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science). There was an object label that was next to the sculpture that gave some background information about Remington and his work. It said that Frederic was inspired by horses and accurately depicted them in mediums such as drawings, woodblock prints, painting and sculptures. His incredible sense of detail increases the drama and intensifies the power of the animal in motion.
Frederic Remington was born was born Canton, New York on October 4, 1861 (Hatfield, Frederic). His childhood was during the Civil War, where he participated in many outdoor recreational activities including hunting, fishing, boating, etc. He also liked to draw sketched and doodle around, mainly soldiers in uniforms. His father was a newspaper man and told him many stories of the west, sparking his love for it. He went to college for a little bit, Yale School of Fine Arts, but dropped out after his father became ill and died. He then tried the world of business, but that only lasted a few months. During the summer of 1879 he met Eva Adele Caten, and became infatuated with her. In the fall of 1884 the two were married. They began their life in the West, but after a short time decided to move to the city, Brooklyn, New York. His wife left to go to her father’s home and Remington went into to the west to do some soul searching. While there he dug deep into the cowboy, rough and rugged, lifestyle (Evansville Museum ...

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...ns and the way he positioned them. I think that it was a perfect gift to give to Theodore Roosevelt, because of his involvement with the Rough Riders and his love for the outdoors and the Wild West. It is a symbol of the toughness and the strength that cowboys have, and it portrays this from the cowboy overcoming the bucking bronco and being able to ride it. I have seen many bucking broncos at local rodeos and the way they move their bodies is magnificent. They are graceful yet powerful in each stride and leap that they take. Remington does a wonderful job of creating a statue that expresses so much of the motion that he first handedly observed from the broncos. It takes a lot of talent to accurately portray an object that you witnessed firsthand, not just a still object but a moving one, and to have it convey the same motion you saw, and Remington had that talent.
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