Critical Analysis Of Animal Farm

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What makes a perfect Utopain society crumble into a dystopian society? This story highlights the plight of a group of animals and their endeavor to great such a place. It begins on a farm called Manor Farm and a pig with a dream, known as Old Major. He has a need to tell the animals to hear about a dream he had, where there is a world where all animals live free from the shackles of Man. He blames man for all of the animals problems and urges the animals to stage a rebellion and strive for a utopian society, free of Man. He puts in place Rules( 7 Commandements) the animals must follow, so that they are never mistaken for Man and most importantly he stresses that one rule was the most important, “that all animals are equal”. Unknown …show more content…

With his strong control over the animals he is referred to as “our leader” or “Comrade Napoleon”. The pigs worshipped him and by giving him formal titles, the animals believe Napoleon is a supreme leader - walking with a whip and dogs surrounding him). Thirdly, the animals are brainwashed into distrusting the outside world. Napoleon makes sure the mantra of, “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy”. But in Old Major’s speech he says, “No animal must ever live in a house, or sleep in a bed, or wear clothes, or drink alcohol or smoke tobacco, or touch money, or engae in trade”, is broken when ultimately the animals look into the farmhouse and see the pigs socilising with the humans from the other farm.
There are lots of factors that can lead to a dystopian society but in Animal Farm, propaganda brainwashed the animals into believing the pigs are doing a much better job than Mr Jones; Napoleon instills fear and control by the use of his nine dogs over the animals to maintain control; and the outside world is cut off to the animals. The animals who could remember life before the rebellion acknowledged that their lives were worse now than before. The animals simply wanted a perfect utopian society, without class, leaders and happiness, but instead ended up with a world that wass worse then they ever

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