Crispin’s Survival

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Have you ever felt safe with someone, even though by all appearance you should be terrified? In Crispin, written by Avi, “Asta’s son” faces a similar dilemma. Everyone agrees that Crispin remained with Bear after being captured, but some believe that Crispin should have stayed with Bear and some believe Crispin should not have stayed with Bear. During the reign of Edward III, a young boy and his shunned mother Asta, live in a miniscule cottage on the edge of village in Stromford, England. Having never been christened, this boy is nameless so the villagers call him Asta’s son. Upon the death of his mother, Asta’s son learns some exceptionally strange truths from the local priest. He discovers that he had been secretly christened, Crispin, a name far too noble for his position and that his lowly mother had been educated. Soon after this new knowledge, the cruel village steward accuses Crispin of stealing and proclaims him a wolf’s head forcing him to leave the town and flee for his life. While on the road, Crispin discovers an abandoned town. During his search for food, in this crumbl...

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