Creative Writing: ShinDong High School

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School was normal at ShinDong High. This school is filled with the varieties of many different kinds of people, here are the the so called people:




Queenkas and Kingkas

It was currently lunch. The halls were now filled with the many students as they rushed over to the cafeteria. Their favorite period was lunch. This is because lunch is filled with entertainment, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year my year. Entertainment is a tradition at lunch which was created by none other, than the past Queenkas and Kingkas.

Over at their table, there was a commotion that was rather loud. However, this commotion is nothing surprising since they had always had a meeting to decide the entertainment for today. Every day, it gets crueler and crueler. They did anything and everything that would be pleasing to them, not caring of the toys they had made a joke of.

They were truly the Queens and Kings of ShinDong High.

Choi Seunghyun, was the far most cruel King.

"Yah, make your damn move already! You, no we have been waiting weeks for the publicity and timing, so get your butt over to her table!" One of the infamous Kingkas had just said.

"Whatever. Just watch Jiyong." Seung Hyun, the leader of the infamous group that is known school wide, was now approaching the "NERD" table.

"Hey, you."

This girl, or rather be called as nerd, was eating her lunch in peace, but it had all changed when she made the biggest mistake of her life by turning around. She stupidly turned around, not knowing of the consequences that will punished towards her in the future.

The infamous leader of the Kings was there, in a rather shy pose. "Umm, hi," he said in a shy tone.

"I know this is sudden but I have liked you since forever, so would you like to be my girlfriend?" He added his killer smile, which made his entire fan club faint from the background view.

She had the HUGEST crush on Seunghyun since she laid eyes on him. So when Seunghyun had asked her out, she more than happy to say so. "YES! I would love to be your girlfriend, Seung Hyun."

Let alone of the fact, nothing goes your way in life. They then headed out to the yard, to get to know more about each other. As she was walking out, she had a feeling that was entirely new to her.

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