Creative Writing: Alex and his Group of Friends

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Clockwork orange

Part 1 Chapter 1 & 2 & 3
Alex and a group of his friends are loaded with cash and they blow it all on drugged milkshakes and girls. There slang word for group of friends is droogs. They hit on old women and blow their money. They then rob a corner store and beat up the employees. They also mess with an older man in the street but he is drunk and doesn’t care about life so he allows the kids to keep beating him up till he vomits. They then walk the streets until they steal a car and go into the countryside to rape a woman in a small house. Her husband, a writer was typing a document labeled clockwork orange but Alex ripped it up. They then return to the milkbar. Alex hears a girl singing and Dim tries to mess with her but she didn’t catch on. Alex then punches him in the face and they start to argue. They then agree to go home and meet up again the next day.

Part 1 Chapters 4 & 5 & 6 & 7

Alex skips out on school and tells his mom he has a headache. He is then visited by an advisor who pretty much accuses him of being involved in the fight with billyboy and says that he doesn’t want him to get into any more trouble. He then goes to the record shop where he pick up two younger girls, takes them back to his apartment. He then drugs himself, gets the girls drunk, and then rapes them. He then goes to sleep for a few hours, when he wakes up it is just about night time and he tells his parents he is going to work. He meets up with his gang and they tell him about another plan and Alex plays along until he pulls a knife on Georgie and dim. He cuts their wrists but eventually he agrees to their plan to go rob a house that possibly had lots of silver and other valuables. Alex gets boosted into the house by dim and he dec...

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...s and his wife died because of him.

Part 3 Chapters 5 & 6 & 7

Alex finds out the name of this man F. Alexander. This man writes an article about him and hopes to shed some light on the current government. This man eventually finds out that Alex was his wife’s killer and takes him to an apartment. There he is locked inside and from another room the sounds of Beethoven are playing and these are making him ill. He then decides to jump out of the building and on impact breaks several bones in his body and is knocked unconscious. He wakes up in a hospital where he is eventually cured of this horrible treatment done on him. He then joins another gang and he causes some havoc but not like before. He runs into an old gang member of his who got married at 19 and he soon realized that he has grown up. He thinks about his future life goals and what he hopes to amount to.
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